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"The positive relationship between the Chamber and Jordan School District is mutually beneficial as it provides for key stakeholder interactions with local business, government and civic leaders. We have appreciated the ability to attend regular meetings to stay informed on key issues that impact the residents and students in our school district, which in turn impacts what goes on in our schools. We appreciate the West Jordan Chamber for valuing the education of our young people enough to keep a standing chamber board position open for the Jordan School District. It is a pleasure to work hand-in-hand with our business community. Together we are great partners!"

-Patrice A. Johnson, Ed. D., Superintendent Jordan School District

"Before I’ve became a member of the Chambers, I was having a hard time building relationship in businesses, talking to business owners and approaching them. I didn’t have a lot experience in the business industry but the chambers help me overcome those challenges and continuously building relationships, through amazing event, workshops, community meetings, and a brilliant involved administration team. I had the opportunity to connect businesses, one and ones and referring clients. Whenever I need help there just a phone call away."

-Theodora Alesana, Legal Shield

"The Chamber of Commerce is a wonderful avenue for businesses to gather information about the action government is taking which affect our businesses."

-Dirk Burton, West Jordan City Councilman

"Participating in the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce as a large business has been extremely beneficial to our business. We were able to discuss strategy with city leaders about utility rates and taxes which ended up saving us money. We were also able to get our brand out in front of potential consumers by partnering with the Chamber during their many events held throughout the year. Finally, the biggest benefit was networking with other businesses and finding cost savings by partnering up with local vendors. The face to face time you get by being a member really helps in negotiating effective business deals for all parties."

-Peter Muscarello, Financial Analyst The Dannon Company

"The West Jordan Chamber of Commerce was instrumental in helping to create Financial Ready Utah that focused on a number of successful pieces of legislation to help our state be more fiscally prepared. The chamber became a convener for a number of area businesses that contributed and played a key role in the ultimate success of the initiatives. This benefited our state, but also helped West Jordan businesses to build relationships with elected officials and other business groups around the state."

– Dan Griffiths Director of Strategy & Leadership – ‎Tanner LLC

"Burt Brothers Tire & Service opened 25 years ago when my father and uncle had a vision of “doing it better” for the community of Bountiful Utah. They were fortunate at that time, as we are now, for the support of strong business associations like the Chamber of Commerce. So when an opportunity came to open a store in West Jordan, Utah, the Chamber was one of the first calls we made. Small businesses like ours depend on advocacy, input and counsel of Chambers of Commerce. The West Jordan Chamber has been an invaluable partner and we appreciate the opportunity to work together with both their staff and our fellow members."

-Jake Burt, Burt Brothers Tire and Service.

"Utilizing the forum that a Chamber of Commerce provides is just common sense. Having the opportunity to network with those, who like you, saw an opportunity to operate a business in this community can help with generating ideas and addressing common concerns. Again, the model just makes sense – if you put a group of bright people together with various backgrounds but a common goal then good things are bound to happen. It all comes down to forming those relationships and the Chamber gives you an opportunity to do just that."

-Jonathan Brouse, VP of Branches, Mountain America Credit Union

"Being a member of the Chamber is being a member of a community. I have met people and formed relationships that I would not otherwise have made if not for my membership. Aisza has shown her commitment to supporting small businesses by her involvement and presence in our community."

-Lourdes Rivera, Owner Luna Asthetics

"I joined the West Jordan Chamber of Commerce in 2013 to get exposure for my business and be able to sell my services to other members. While I still want Chamber members to be my clients, it is not why I renew my membership each year. I stay an active member of the chamber because I enjoy learning about other businesses and finding ways that I can serve them and help them grow their business. The Chamber has also given me opportunities to grow by presenting at Chamber luncheons and being part of different committees. I have learned that the more active and involved I am in the Chamber and the more I try to serve others, the more others want to help me in my business."

-Jason Kirkham, Owner Maxx Purchasing